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Reset Password Information


This is assuming you have followed the prompt and received an email with instructions to reset your password.  

In the email click the link or paste it into your browser and fill in required details.

Please Note: the code you receive in the first email is an activation one and not your new password.

You will then receive another email with your new temporary password, this is the one you need to use when you next log in.

Please Note: You may be required to fill in the Captcha to complete process, if so please remember its caps sensitive so add letters as they are shown.

When you log back onto the site you can then go into your User CP and change your password back to one that you will remember the next time you log in.

This procedure has been tested and it works fine, however we know for some this can be a bit complicated so if you are still having a problem with logging back using the temporary password sent in the 2nd email, then please submit a support ticket (you do not need to be logged into the site to use the support system)we can then advise you more quickly and help you to get back onto the site a lot faster using this method.

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